Best Travel Insurance for Your Russia Visa Application in 2024

Best Travel Insurance for Your Russia Visa Application in 2024

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Planning a trip to Russia in 2024 and need a travel insurance for your visa application ? You’re in the right place ! I’ve contacted numerous travel insurance companies to find out who still offers coverage for Russia and who doesn’t.

Many travel agencies were unresponsive or unwilling to disclose their insurance partners. However, I finally found an insurance provider that offers policies to foreigners, which can be purchased online with a foreign Visa or Mastercard and is valid for Russian visa applications, including e-visas. Read on for all the details !

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Why a Travel Insurance is Essential for a Russian Visa ?

A travel insurance policy is required to apply for any Russian visa, including the e-visa. Your certificate must include your names, date of birth, and state that the insurance covers “the Russian Federation.”

Best Travel Insurance for Russia in 2024

The top travel insurance for Russia in 2024 is Attollo Assistance. Based in Latvia, it is the European branch of Ingosstrakh Insurance Company, one of Russia’s leading insurers.

Eligible Nationalities :
Attollo Assistance policies are available to nationals of 31 countries, including most European Union countries, the UK, Canada, and the USA. Here’s the full list :

Czech Republic



Coverage Includes:

  • medical expenses up to 35 000 €
  • 24/7 assistance
  • medical consultation as well as urgent dental care
  • Covid-19 treatment
  • repatriation

Here is an example of an insurance policy certificate in both English and Russian :

How to Purchase an Attollo Assistance Insurance Policy

Steps to Buy :

1. Enter Travel Details: Fill in your travel dates to Russia and your age. Note that the insurance should cover the entire duration of your visa.

2. Add Travelers: You can add up to 5 people, including children for family trips.

3. Get a Quote: You will receive a price quote. Optionally, select the “sport activities” coverage if you plan to engage in activities like skiing.

4. Enter Traveler Details: Provide the names of all travelers as they appear on the visa application.

5. Enter Buyer Information: Provide the details of the person paying for the insurance.

6. Purchase Policy: Click “Buy a policy” to receive an email with a payment link.

7. Make Payment: Complete the payment via a secure link and download your insurance certificate.

Note: Payment is processed through Attollo Assistance’s partner in the UAE, allowing use of foreign Visa/Mastercard cards.

Pricing Example

For a 30-year-old French citizen, a 16-day insurance policy (the duration of an e-visa) costs approximately 25 €.

Other Insurers Potentially Covering/Not Covering Anymore

Insurers Not Covering Russia Anymore :

❌ Safety wings, Insure my trip, Globelink, Insured nomads, Allianz travel insurance, AXA, Europ assistance, Avi-international, Visitors coverage, World nomads, April international … And most probably many more that I do not know of.

Unresponsive Travel Agencies and Insurers :

⚠️ Visa House travel agency working with Zetta russian insurance (2 emails, no answers); Goingrus travel agency, I couldn’t find which insurance company they are working with (2 emails, no answers); Visa to rus (not Visa to Russ) travel agency, I couldn’t find which insurance company they are working with (I messaged them on Telegram, no answer); Fortuna Travel (AKA Visa to Russ) travel agency, I couldn’t find which insurance company they are working with (no answer), Visa Russie travel agency, refused to tell me which insurance company they work with …

All of those seem very unrelieable to me. It sounds like they sell insurance policy numbers so one can fill up the blank on the visa application form, but that’s about it.

Worth Mentioning: Alfa Insurance (Alfa Strakhovanie) responded on Telegram, and one European reader of the blog successfully purchased a policy, but with some payment difficulties. Also, it’s covers less than Attollo Asistance.


Can I trust travel agencies offering Russian travel insurance?

Be cautious with agencies that are unclear about their insurance partners. It’s better to use reliable insurers like Attollo Assistance.

Do I need travel insurance to apply for a Russian visa?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for all types of Russian visas, including e-visas. The policy must state that it covers “the Russian Federation.”

Can I purchase a Russian travel insurance with a foreign Visa/Mastercard?

Yes, Attollo Assistance allows purchases with foreign Visa/Mastercard cards.

Which countries’ citizens can buy Attollo Assistance policies?

Citizens of 31 countries, including most European Union countries, the UK, Canada, and the USA, can purchase these policies.

What does Attollo Assistance insurance cover?

Coverage includes medical expenses up to 35,000 €, 24/7 assistance, medical consultations, urgent dental care, COVID-19 treatment, and repatriation.

Safe travels !

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