The Republic of Dagestan is located on the east side of the Caucasus moutains by the Caspian sea, bordering Azerbaijan & Georgia.

The mountains of the republic are hidding an incredible ethnic diversity. As it is often called, the most heterogeneous republic of Russia is home to more than 30 ethnic groups and subgroups in a terrority as big as Slovakia. Muslims, Christians, Jews, all speaking different languages.

Flag of Dagestan
Quick overview
  • Population : about 3 millions
  • Minorities : +30. The largest ones are the Avar, Dargin and Lezgin
  • Capital : Makhchkala
  • Religions : 80% Muslims and the majority of them are Sunnis. They are also small communities of Shias, Orthodox Christians and Jews.
  • Protected areas : Dagestansky Nature Reserve
  • Must try food : Chudu, Khinkal
  • Best time to visit : late spring and early summer
  • Border crossings : the Samur border with Azerbaijan

Is Dagestan safe?

Most governments advice against all travels. As a solo femal never tourist, I’ve never felt unsafe there. Yes it’s a bit of a lawlesness place, terrorists attacked happened in the past but you will see a lot of police and guys in uniforms around Makhchkala and near bigger towns as well as on the way Chechnya (army base/check post) to keep the republic under control.

Is Dagestan part of Russia ?

It is one of the Federal subject of the Russian Federation located in the very South East of the country, by the Caspian sea.

What are people from Dagestan called?

Its name can be translated by “land of mountain” and its people are known by the generic name Dagestanis that includes all the minorities living in Dagestan such as Avars, Lezgins, Dargins and so on.

What is Dagestan known for?

The republic is known for its centuries old history, long war with Imperial Russia in the 19th century, breathtaking mountains and world famous MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.