The Republic of North Ossetia Alania is sadly related to troubles, conflict and deadly attacks. Often described as proviliged and under the protection of Moscow compare to its Muslim neighbors, Ossetia is surely the most developped of all of North Caucasian republics.

An amazing off the beaten track destination for those interested in geopolitcs, mythology and history and mountain enthusiasts. North Ossetia-Alania has a lot to offer !

North Ossetia flag
Quick overview
  • Population : about 700 000
  • Minorities : Ossetians, Ingush, Russians
  • Capital : Vladikavkaz
  • Religions : Christian Orthodoxy & Sunni Islam
  • Protected area : Alania National Park
  • Must try food : Ossetian pie
  • Best time to visit : summer
  • Border crossings : Verkhny Lars border with Georgia & the border with De Facto South Ossetia

How do I get to North Ossetia?

1 – By plane to Vladikavkaz airport
2 – By train from Moscow and many other russian cities
3 – By mini bus from Georgia or the neighboring North Caucasian republics

Can you travel to South Ossetia?

Yes, if you managed to get a letter of invitation from anyone in South Ossetia (I didn’t).The only way to enter South Ossetia is from North Ossetia Alania in Russia. However, it is an illegal border.