Church and soviet statue in Saransk, Mordovia

The little known republic of Mordovia, not to be confused with Moldova the country is an easy off the beaten track region to discover close to Moscow. Home to the largest Finno-Urgic people in Russia, it is a friendly & easy going region to explore while in Russia !

flag of Mordovia Russia
Quick overview
  • Population : about 800,000
  • Minorities : Moksha & Erzya (the Mordvins), Russians and some Tatars
  • Capital : Saransk
  • Religions : Christian Orthodoxy & Sunni Islam
  • Protected areas : Mordovia State Nature Reserve & Smolny National Park
  • Must try food : Bear Paw, Shurba soup, Pajankay/Kurgon pie
  • Best time to visit : all year round