The little known Republic of Adygea is landlocked in the Krasnordar Krai. Covered of 40% forest, with its lush nature, hiking trails and lots of tourist infrastructures, it’s a perfect destination for nature lovers.

It is also a land of history ; the territory of Circassia (known as “Adygea” in the local language) in the 19th century stretched from the Black Sea to present day Kabardino – Balkaria.

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Quick overview
  • Population : about 450 000
  • Minorities : Circassians and Russians
  • Capital : Maykop
  • Religions : Sunni Islam and Christian Orthodoxy
  • Protected areas : Bolshoy Thach Nature Park & Western Caucasus Nature Reserve (UNESCO)
  • Must try food : circassian cheese, haliva
  • Best time to visit : summer

What are the best things to do in Adygea?

– Visit Maykop, the capital of Adygea
– Hike to the Lago-Naki plateau
– Hike in the Bolshoy Thach Nature Park
And many more outdoors activities

What is the best time to go to Adygea?

Summer is the best time to visit Adygea. The path to Bolshoy Tach mountains is clear and rhododendrons are blossoming.