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A person buying an travel insurance to Russia online

Best travel insurance for your russian visa application

Looking for a travel insurance valid for your Russia visa application in 2024 ? You’re at the right place ! I’ve contacted (or at least tried to …) DOZENS of…

How to booking a russian train ticket online with Visa/Mastercard

How to buy a russian train ticket with a Visa/Mastercard

You’re looking to buy a russian train ticket for your Trans-Siberian journey but you don’t have a local russian MIR bank card ? No worries, there are ways to buy…

Exchange money Russia post 1 1

How to exchange money in Russia

You are traveling to Russia soon and wonder how on earth you will be able to bypass the sanctions and and actually get your hands on russian roubles ? Here…

Best SIM card Russia

Best Russia SIM card to get in 2024

Visiting Russia soon and looking for the best SIM card to get on arrival ? There are plenty of mobile phone operators in the country and it can be confusing…

5 airlines to fly to Russia from Europe (Visa & Mastercard)

5 airlines to fly to Russia from Europe (Visa/Mastercard booking)

There are still tones of international airlines flying to Russia in 2024, just not any Western ones, and that’s the main problem for tourists from coming the EU, UK or…

Russia e-visa application guide

Russia e-visa 2024 : the ultimate guide

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Russia e-visa : from the border crossings detailed on a map to how to apply for it a step by step