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How to cross the Estonia - Russia border. Ivangorod castle

Crossing the Russia – Estonia border

Travelling to and from Russia isn’t easy these days and let’s be honest it won’t change in the coming month … I’ve crossed the Ivangorod – Narva border into Estonia…

2023 russia travel guide. Red Square in Moscow

Russia : A 2023 travel guide

Russia streatches from the European Union’s borders all the way to the Pacific coast, 9000+ kilometers from Moscow. The largest country in the world fascinates travellers still in 2023. Despite…

Tinkoff debit card with euros and dollars cash

How to open a Tinkoff account in 2023

Travelling with a bank card is the norm in 2023. Not only it saves time when booking transport and accomodation online but it also makes things so much easier if…

Travelling to Russia 2022

Travelling to Russia as a Westerner (my summer 2022)

Russia is not on the top countries to visit this year for sure. Yet some of us still want to go. I did. I spent my summer, from late june…

How to travel to Russia in 2022

How to travel to Russia in 2022 (sanctions)

Unless you have been living in a cave the past few months, you are most probably aware of the current world situation especially between Russia, Ukraine and the entire Western…

TransSiberian page header 2 1

Special diet on the Trans-Siberian (halal, vegeterian … )

You follow a special diet & worry to travel on the Trans-Siberian and starve ? Have no fear, feeding yourself in Russia or on the train is not an issue….