Ingushetia is the smallest republic of the Russia Federation, and it keeps getting smaller even nowadays, its territory being given away to the neighboring republics. For decades the Ingush have been in conflict with Ossetia, but their Republic is hidding historical treasures in the mountains : the Galgay stone towers and one of the oldest Christian church in Russia.

Ingush culture is fascinating and their stone towers are representing all their history. Despite being in the shade of their Chechen brothers and having a bad reputation, the republic of Ingushetia and its people are a hidden gem to discover in the middle of the Caucasus.

Flag of Ingushetia
Quick overview
  • Population : about 250 000 
  • Minority : Ingush
  • Capital : Magas
  • Religions : Sunni Islam
  • Protected areas : Erzi Nature Reserve
  • Must try food : Dulkh-khaltam
  • Best time to visit : late spring & summer

Do I need a permit to travel to Ingushetia ?

Yes and no. To enter the Republic of Ingushetia no special permit is required, but if you wish to visit the mountains and discover the historial Ingush stone towers, yes you will need a russian border zone permit. See my detailed guide on how to get a russian border zone permit.