The Republic of Kabardino – Balkaria is named after its two main ethnic groups, Kabards and Balkars, ethnically and politically divided. Kabards are Circassians and form the majority, whereas Balkars are Turkic who wish to have their own republic.

Kabardino – Balkarya is home to the highest mountain in Europe, the Elbrus. It also has glaciers, waterfalls and breathtaking mountain views all around. A fascinating corner of Russia where tourism is growing fast, so hurry up !

Flag of Kabardino Balkaria republic
Quick overview
  • Population : about 900 000
  • Minorities : Kabardians, Balkars
  • Capital : Nalchik
  • Religions : Sunni Islam
  • Protected areas : the Prielbrusye National Park, the Kabardino Balkaria National Park
  • Must try food : Khychin
  • Best time to visit : summer

How do I get to Elbrus?

To get to mount Elbrus you either have to fly to Mineralnye Vody airport, or take a train to Nalchik in Kabardino – Balkaria from where you take a mini brus to Elbrus village in the south of the republic.

Is it safe to travel to Elbrus or Kabardino – Balkaria

Yes, Mount Elbrus is located in the republic of Kabardino Balkaria in Russia. The republic is stable and there are plenty of experienced guided tours to climb the Elbrus safely.