I’ve got a Youtube channel

I’ve got a Youtube channel

Youtube channel

Dear fellow traveller, I’ve got a Youtube channel ! I mean, sort of, still small.

I’m not planning on making travel vlogs, there are already too many of those and when it comes to travelling to Russia (or anywhere else for that matter), I strongly believe that vlogging can’t replace blogging. Vloggers don’t provide valuable and insightful informations as well as bloggers do (IMHO).

I’m making video tutorials to help you plan your trip to Russia. For now there’s only two, including one on how to get the e-visa so check it out, it might answer some of your questions !

Upcoming videos : how to apply for a border zone permit, how to book a train ticket in Russia and more …

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Let me know what kind of videos you would be interested in !

Tutorials available on the channel

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