I’ve got a Youtube channel

I’ve got a Youtube channel

Youtube channel

Dear fellow traveller, I’ve got a Youtube channel ! I mean, sort of, not quite.

Youtube is by far my most favourite app on my phone, I think it’s a fantastic platform to gain new knowledge for free. There are tones of videos of everything about anything, that includes Russia : travels, history, geopolitics and more.

So I’ve decided to set up a youtube channel and make playlists of the many videos I’ve watched the past years on Russia. There are playlists dedicated to Chechnya, Dagestan, Saint Petersburg etc and even Russia’s history for you to learn more about the place and get inspired.

Documentaries, films, vlogs … there’s a bit of everything !

Of course when it comes to travelling to Russia (or anywhere else for that matter), I strongly believe that vlogging can’t replace blogging. Vloggers don’t provide valuable and insightful informations as well as bloggers do (IMHO).

Nevertheless, have a look the playlists and subscribe to the channel, I will be adding more destinations soon !

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