Trans-Siberian guide 2022 sanctions

The Trans-Siberian, one of the world’s greatest train journey ! From Moscow to Vladivostok, a 9288 kilometres overland journey across this continent-size country, you will be able to admire Siberia’s wilderness through a train window, discover enchanting colorful towns and mostly experience real Russia, very different from the negative one portrayed by Western medias. Reminder : government does not equal people.

Bellow you will find posts to help you, independant traveller to plan your Trans-Siberian adventure on your own with all up to date informations : the best route to chose, how to book your ticket in 2024, life on board, the best stops to make, safety tips for solo female travellers and much more !

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A few facts about the Trans-Siberian

  • 9288 kilometres 
  • From Moscow to Vladivostock
  • 6 days journey
  • Most popular stops : Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Baikal, Ulan Ude, Vladivostock
  • Best time to visit : winter, summer and early autumn
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Plan your perfect Trans-Siberian journey