Welcome to Moscow, the heart of Russia! This must-visit destination is perfect for travelers interested in the rich history, vibrant culture, and deep traditions of Russia. Moscow seamlessly blends modernity with iconic Stalinist architecture and the colorful onion dome churches that define its skyline.

Explore this city of contrasts, where historical landmarks meet contemporary attractions. Perfect for first-time visitors, Moscow offers a journey through world-renowned sites, local cuisine, and the stunning Moscow Metro, often hailed as the most beautiful metro system in the world. Dive into Moscow’s unique charm and uncover the essence of Russia!

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How many days is enough to visit Moscow?

I’d recommend to spend minimum 3 days in Moscow, enough to visit the most famous and essential sights.

Can you fly to Moscow in 2024 ?

Yes. You won’t be able to fly from any Western countries but totally doing via Turkey, Serbia, Armenia and plenty others in the Middle East and Asia.

What time of year is best to visit Moscow?

Late spring until early autumn is the best time to Moscow in my opinion. Winter is great with the Christmas decoration but rather gloomy, early spring and late autumn can be chilly and muddy.