The infamous Republic of Chechnya (Чечня or Чеченская Республика in Russian) is surely the most popular of all the Republics of the North Caucasus because of its two wars in the 90’s and huge diaspora in the West mostly. Officially the war is over and Chechnya has much more to offer than dark tourism.

The Chechen Republic is an off beaten track destination, especially if you go beyond the city of Grozny. Very welcoming people, unique culture and language, splendid mountains and villages to discover !

Flag of Chechnya
Quick overview
  • Population : about 1 400 000
  • Minorities : Chechens
  • Capital : Grozny
  • Religions : Sunni Islam
  • Protected areas : several Nature State Reserves around the Republic
  • Must try food : zhizhig galnash, khingalsh
  • Best time to visit : summer

Is It Safe To Visit Chechnya in 2024 ?

Western governments will say no, but as a solo female tourist, I’d totally say yes. The traces of wars are long gone, the political situation is very stable and locals are among the friendliest people in all of Russia. I’ve never felt unsafe travelling to Chechnya.

Is Grozny safe to travel in 2024 ?

Grozny is safe to travel. The Chechen capital has been fully reconstructed and infrastructures are great. The political situation is very stable and you will notice a heavy police/military presence.

Is Chechnya a good place ?

Yes, Chechnya is a great place to travel. It has some of the best travel infrastructures in the North Caucasus, unique culture and very friendly locals.