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Best places to visit in Moscow, Russia

19 essential places to visit in Moscow in 2023

Cathedrals, monasteries, palaces, museums, art galleries, theatres … There is so much to see in Moscow that it’s overwhelming. What are exactly the must-visit places that you should not miss?…

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Special diet on the Trans-Siberian (halal, vegeterian … )

You follow a special diet & worry to travel on the Trans-Siberian and starve ? Have no fear, feeding yourself in Russia or on the train is not an issue….

Moscow metro

Moscow metro : a self guided tour (includes map)

The metro of Moscow is a monument in itself and the most beautiful in the world in my opinion – An underground museum you could explore for days and not…

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Do you really need to speak Russian to travel in Russia ?

This is probably the main concern when thinking about travelling to Russia, along with safety and the idea that there isn’t much to see in this giant empty frozen land…

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31 useful tips to travel in Russia (by a Westerner)

Russia, the world largest country is fascinating yet very intimidating for first time travellers. Its portrayal by Western medias, the SMO started in February 2022 and the warnings of governements…