Special diet on the Trans-Siberian (halal, vegeterian … )

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You follow a special diet & worry to travel on the Trans-Siberian and starve ? Have no fear, feeding yourself in Russia or on the train is not an issue….

Alternative to Booking.com in Russia

The alternative to Booking.com in Russia (2022 sanctions)

What is the best alternative to Booking.com in Russia ? Among the many Western sanctions on Russia, the world famous Booking.com suspended their operations in the country, meaning you can’t…

Trans-Siberian guide 2022 sanctions

A beginner’s guide to the Trans-Siberian (2022 sanctions updates)

The Trans-Siberian, one of the world’s greatest train journey ! Russia is undoubtedly the best country to experience a long and slow train adventure. From Moscow to Vladivostok, a 9288…

Samur border

Across the Samur border between Russia & Azerbaijan

You’ve visited the stunning mountains of Northern Azerbaijan and now dream to cross the border into Russia and explore unknown Dagestan ? Here is a guide to help you cross…

Dargavs, Russia

Dargavs, the City of the Dead in the Russian Caucasus

Before rushing either way to Vladikavkaz or Kazbegi/Tbilissi, take a detour in North Ossetia to visit one of the many hidden gem of the North Caucasus : Dargavs, also known…

Border Russia Georgia

Crossing the border between Russia & Georgia

Whether you’re a fan of Alexandre Dumas, a history lover, or simply seeking breathtaking mountain views, travelling along the Georgian military highway through the Darial Gate by the Terek river…