A beginner’s guide to the Trans-Siberian

A russian tran stopped at sunset at a station on the Trans-siberian railway in Russia

The ultimate beginner’s guide to travelling the Trans-siberian ! Everything you need to know to plan your trip in 2023 including the latest updates

The green and hilly mountains between Aerbaijan and Dagestan in Russia with the Samur border crossing in the Caucaus

Across the Samur border between Russia & Azerbaijan

You’ve visited the stunning mountains of Northern Azerbaijan and now dream to cross the border into Russia and explore unknown Dagestan ? Here is a guide to help you cross…

Dargavs, the City of the Dead is a medieval necropolis with ancient crypts in the mountains of Ossetia in the North Caucasus

Dargavs, the City of the Dead in the Russian Caucasus

Before rushing either way to Vladikavkaz or Kazbegi/Tbilissi, take a detour in North Ossetia to visit one of the many hidden gem of the North Caucasus : Dargavs, also known…

Trucks waiting at the mountains pass of the Kazbegi and Verkhny Lars border crossing between Russia and Georgia in the Caucasus

Crossing the border between Russia & Georgia

Whether you’re a fan of Alexandre Dumas, a history lover, or simply seeking breathtaking mountain views, travelling along the Georgian military highway through the Darial Gate by the Terek river…

A russian tourist visa sticked on a passport

The ultimate visa guide

To venture around the Altai mountains, the Siberian taiga or the forests of Adygea most of us need to get a Russian visa. Putin won’t open his great Russia to…

Lower body of an armed russian soldier at a military post in the mountains of Ingushetia in the North Caucasus

Border zone permit

After your challenging visa application, here’s the second round of pain in the neck Russian bureaucracy : the border zone permit ! I’m explaning you here all the details to…